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Dr. Robert Batarseh is a senior research at Horizon Advisors and a lecturer in the Political Studies Department at Trent University, where he teaches Canadian politics.


He holds a Doctoral degree in Politics from York University and an MA in Political Science from Carleton University. His current research focuses on the intersections between biopolitics, risk management techniques, border practices, and the grouping of refugees for resettlement.

Select Publications

Canada's Oil Sands and Unconventional Resources: The Future of Innovation and Environmental Performance

This report identifies research, development and demonstration (RD&D) needs, challenges and opportunities in Canada’s oil sands and unconventional oil and gas sectors.

Regulations and Clean Technology: A Review of Best Practices in Select Jurisdictions

This report provides an analysis of different regulatory models that have supported environmental policy goals, innovation and economic growth.

Urgent need to recognize 'climate refugees' [external site (National Observer)]

A commentary on climate-induced migration and policy gaps in international conventions.