Published reports


Export Development Canada

Climate Risks & Low Carbon Transition

This report provides recommendations in three areas that can contribute to improved alignment between Export Development Canada's investment decisions and Canada’s climate objectives:

- Reporting and disclosure
- Analytics and benchmarking
- Sustainable finance


Guide to Carbon Offsets

This guide provides an overview of carbon offsets - what they are and how they work .


Environmnental Data

Horizon intends to provide accessible data points on the state of the planet's climate, biodiversity and ecosystems.

Benefits of Adopting Natural Infrastruct

Benefits of Adopting Natural Infrastructure

This report compares the range of outcomes and benefits associated with natural and conventional grey infrastructure solutions to address three distinct challenges in the Canadian context:
- Flood control
- Coastal resilience
- Urban temperature rise


Food Waste Reduction

An overview of the scale and main issues associated with avoidable food loss and waste in Canada. 


Regulations &
Clean Technology

This study examines two different regulatory models: regulatory sandboxes and autonomous regulatory authorities. An analysis of the case studies provide lessons in the design of an effective regulatory model, including: the regulator’s mandate, stakeholder involvement, and the stringency of requirements.

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Solving the Climate Puzzle

This new series of short reports offer independent expert perspectives on tackling the climate crisis

Forthcoming reports


Natural Infrastructure

Key Concepts, Terms, Definitions

This framework offers a common vocabulary for diverse Canadian stakeholders interested in natural infrastructure projects that are both appropriate to their local context and resilient to future climate scenarios.

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Carbon Offsets

Ensuring Environmental Integrity

This part two of our series on carbon offsets examines key aspects of an effective offset system, including: reporting and auditing, ensuring additionality and permanence, avoiding leakage, and maximizing additional benefits.

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Vehicle GHG Regulations

The light duty segment

This report looks at required changes to vehicle GHG regulations as well as for complementary policies to
help reverse the trend towards larger, higher-emitting vehicles on Canadian roadways.

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Circular Economy 101

Overview of Key Concepts & Theories

Detailed backgrounder that unpacks the concept of circular economy,its main characteristics, implementation at the micro, meso and macro levels, and who can contribute and benefits from its implementation.

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Other reports

We prepare science-based and evidence-driven reports for our clients that we do not publish. Examples of other research topics that we have examined in the recent past include:

An analysis of zero-emission light-duty vehicle market penetration over the short- and longer-term.


An environmental scan of natural infrastructure programs and policy priorities in Canada.


Article 6 of the Paris Agreement on climate change and forest carbon sinks accounting.


The role of carbon capture and storage in climate policy and stakeholder perspectives.


Analysis of RD&D challenges and opportunities in Canada’s energy sectors.