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Food Waste Reduction
Trends & Key Leverage Points for Canadian Policy
Trevor Rous - January 2019
An overview of the scale and main issues associated with avoidable food loss and waste (FLW) in Canada.  It identifies emerging trends in policy responses to FLW in Canada and elsewhere and around the world, and demonstrates why a well-designed combination of legislation, voluntary incentives and awareness-raising proffers the most effective means of tackling the issue of food waste head-on. 


- How different jurisdictions around the world are successfully balancing food system productivity with the need for more responsible resource use;

- The relation between food waste prevention and municipal solid waste management (SWM) policy;

- Food waste reduction as an aspect of climate change mitigation;

- An assessment of strategies for minimizing avoidable FLW at the consumer stage of the food supply chain; and,

- The interrelation of food system sustainability with waste prevention initiatives at the federal policy level.

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