The rapid decline in the ecological health of the planet is resulting in rising human costs while pushing many species towards extinction. Horizon was born by the vision that novel and transformational solutions are necessary to correct course towards a more sustainable and just future.


By thinking outside of the box, we offer our clients candid advice and innovative solutions that are grounded by evidence-based research and rigorous analysis. Our objective is to support our clients in achieving transformational changes  and to provide strategies towards realizing ambitious solutions beyond the horizon.

Amin Asadollahi

Executive Director

Meet Our Experts

Trevor Rous


Policy Research

Farhan Rahman

Senior Associate


Dr. Robert Batarseh

Senior Associate

Mobility and Migration

Justine McIntyre

Senior Associate

Municipal Policy & Communications

Gabriel Neira Voto

Senior Associate

Carbon Markets

Asya Bidordinova

Senior Consultant
Urban Planning and GIS

Jeffrey Phillips

Trade policy Advisor

Aaron Cosbey

Trade, Investment and

Sustainable Development Expert

Dr. Howard Mann

International Lawyer and

Investment Policy Expert