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Horizon Advisors specialize in transformational solutions,

providing analysis and strategies to governments and organizations seeking results in climate policy, nature conservation and sustainability.

Our network of experts collaborate across different time zones
to devise solutions tailored to meet clients' needs, with the ability to work around the clock and against aggressive project milestones.



Research Priorities

We provide policy research and facilitate discussion in three key priority areas:

Clean Growth and Competitiveness  

The international community has come to consensus on the existential threat of climate change and committed, under the Paris Agreement, to "keeping a global temperature rise this century well below 2 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels and to pursue efforts to limit the temperature increase even further to 1.5 degrees Celsius."


We have extensive knowledge of climate solutions (from mitigation to adaptation options) and opportunities related to circular economy. We are trusted to undertake research on policy solutions, with expertise in the design and implementation of climate mitigation policies and on-the-ground adaption solutions.

Environmental Protection

The planet's ecological health is directly related to its biodiversity. Horizon Advisors can provide support and advice in advancing conservation goals, integrating fiscal and legal tools in ecosystem protection policies, and strengthening environmental laws.

From plastic pollution to air contaminants, we also devise solutions and provide policy options for addressing local environmental concerns. We undertake cost analysis, review technology options and provide advice on the success of voluntary, fiscal and regulatory solutions.

Sustainable Food and Water Resources

Food and water resources are essential for the survival of all species. However, environmental stress and population growth threatens food production and our scarce water resources. At the same time, urbanization is expected to continue globally at a strong pace fundamentally altering how these resources are made available and utilized. The economic and social consequences of these drivers will be profound.

Through in-depth analysis, we identify emerging risks facing food production, availability, utilization, and provide advice on policy options to better position communities (both urban and rural) to ensure sustainable food production, distribution, and use. We also have extensive knowledge of policies and practices that can advance more efficient water use, recycling and production.

Our multidisciplinary approach to sustainable food and water security ensures that our solutions are designed to meet a society's needs and goes beyond technical analysis to incorporate socio-economic sustanability.


The rapid decline in the ecological health of the planet is resulting in rising human costs while pushing many species towards extinction. Horizon was born by the vision that novel and transformational solutions are necessary to correct course towards a more sustainable and just future.


By thinking outside of the box, we offer our clients candid advice and innovative solutions that are grounded by evidence-based research and rigorous analysis. Our objective is to support our clients in achieving transformational changes  and to provide strategies towards realizing ambitious solutions beyond the horizon.

Towards this end, we work with multilingual experts that are creative thinkers, passionate about a sustainability and with extensive knowledge of public policy, economic analysis and environmental regulations.

Amin Asadollahi

Executive Director

Meet Our Experts


Jeffrey Phillips

Trade policy Advisor


Lisa Lambert

Gender Equity Advisor


Dr. Howard Mann

International Lawyer and

Investment Policy Expert

Farhan Rahman.jpg

Farhan Rahman

Senior Associate



Gabriel Neira Voto

Senior Associate

Carbon Offsets


Aaron Cosbey

Trade, Investment and

Sustainable Development Expert

Dr. Robert Batarseh

Senior Associate

Urban Design and Mobility


Liliana Camacho

Senior Associate

Clean Growth

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